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About Us

Who are these three crazy ladies?


Our Story

We are unashamed, unafraid and ready to speak truth in love into your life. We are three women from different backgrounds with different life stories who have come together with one goal: to empower, encourage, strengthen, inspire and transform the lives of women and girls.

We will be tackling subjects on our podcast that are bold, daring and essential to bring out into the open to have honest conversations about.

There have been too many times in our lives that we have been forced into silence, the time has come to break free and let our voices be heard.

We want to grow a community of women who desire authentic relationships where they are free to discover their true selves in a safe, loving environment.

Meet The Unfiltered Women

Sarah Seaberg is the creator of Unfiltered: Raw Real Honest.  She is also a co-owner and professional photographer, videographer and content creator of Crowned Creative Studio in downtown Grand Rapids. Sarah is a mother of three teenagers and has been married to her husband Aaron for 21 years. As a former Special Ed. Teacher, Sarah has many years of experience working with children and teens. Sarah has a heart for helping empower women and girls to build their self esteem, self confidence and self acceptance. Sarah created the Unfiltered: Raw Real Honest Podcast out of a desire to live a fully authentic life, unafraid and unashamed to speak the truth in love to as many women and girls as she can.  Sarah enjoys being creative in all capacities and loves making people smile around her. She loves telling peoples stories through film and has created many compelling documentaries. 

Tricia Harmon's passion and purpose is to live and inspire other to celebrate the triumphs, and to biblically prepare for and respond to life’s blindsiding trials, trauma’s and tragedies in such a way that even they become life’s most valuable assets. She home educated her 7 children on and off for about 16 yrs, was an active member of community choirs, performing arts; was a varsity softball coach, and developed 2 home- based businesses.  She owns 2 home-based business: Noble Pearls Media: actor, casting and film director, and producer throughout the Great Lakes area. She is a certified travel agent at Noble Pearls Travel. After sadly losing a 25 year marriage, she remarried, only to lose her 2nd husband 1-year and 2 weeks later to a massive heart attack on Easter Sunday. 10 years later, she is, once again, remarried to an amazing Godly man with 2 adult children of his own.

Heid is a retired paramedic, mother of 6 kids and step mom to 2 her on earth and 2 in heaven. She also has 5 grandsons who she  loves dearly! Married to Robert, her twin flame. She has experienced physical, sexual, and spiritual abuse but it does not define her anymore! She is passionate about abuse victims, especially when it happened in church.  She is part of the Stephen Ministry at City Life Church.  Currently, she is a full time college student, working on her Bachelors degree in Chaplaincy. Her goal is to minister to women behind bars. She and her husband serve on the  Board of a new church plant called Central Bible Ministry and will minister to returning citizens and other at risk or overlooked people. In her free time she loves traveling, spending time with family and friends, and outdoor adventures. She is also passionate about cooking and baking and loves to sew! 

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