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Learn to Love Yourself Video

Learn to Love Yourself TWEEN SESSIONS


The transition from child to teen is a difficult time for young girls. So many things start changing, they might have started their periods, they aren't sure if they want t act like kids or try to act older like a teenager...I have a huge heart for this age girls, I have raised three teenagers myself through these delicate years and have been a teacher in the classroom with this age as well. Trust me with your sweet tween during these 60 min Learn to Love Yourself Sessions that are tailored specifically for the needs of 10-12 year old girls.  Your daughter will learn the basics of how to care for her skin properly (how to deal with acne and blemishes tweens are prone to).


I will teach them how to do minimal natural makeup, and how it should be something fun and a creative expression rather than a mask to hide their real selves behind.









After that, I will do a fun filter free photo session for your daughter where she can bring a few outfits and have model photos taken (she will get the edited digitals and a deluxe 8x10 print). I will then help your daughter make a video (using her own cell phone or yours if she doesn't have her own) this will be like a diary but in video form that she will speak positive affirmations that she can then watch anytime she needs a reminder to boost her self esteem. The session will end with a craft time where your daughter will create her own personalized 8x10 picture frame filled with positive affirmations and little notes to herself that she can put the printed photo in and look at it all the time! My goal with these sessions is simple, reach girls when they are young and speak life into them and help them build up their self esteem and self love! 


Learn to Love Yourself TEEN SESSIONS


Teen years are hard to navigate sometimes. Especially for girls who might be struggling with self esteem, self confidence, anxiety/depression, or any other issues.  I have a heart for teen girls, I struggled through my teen years with bullying,  low self esteem, thoughts of self harm, dating violence and rebellion, so I come from a place of love and compassion for all teens, especially girls.  Trust me with your teen daughter in these sessions to make her feel special, confident, beautiful, loved and they will leave happier than when they arrived. This is not a therapy session, this is a fun way to build your daughters self confidence and walk away with tangible tools to help  her continue building her self love!  I will use the time while she's talking about skin care, makeup, taking fun photos and crafting with your daughter to speak life and love into your daughters heart! I will share some of the moments where my own personal low self esteem lead me to make poor choices that ended up hurting both myself and others around me. I didn't know how to love myself well enough to look for the healthy relationships with friends and with dating. I will share some of the red flags in dating that can lead to violence and abuse and also some green flags that are signs of healthy relationships. 


Learn to Love Yourself WOMEN'S SESSIONS


Ladies! Tweens and Teens aren't the only ones who need these sessions!! I spoke to so many moms while I was developing these sessions and explained the tween/teen parts to them, many of them responded with "It sounds like something I need too!" As women, we need to make ourselves a priority, we need to invest in our mental, emotional and physical well being in order to keep being the strong, powerful leaders that we are in our families and communities lives. Whether you are 18 or 80, you need to feel loved, pampered, honored and beautiful. These sessions are designed to be a beautiful safe space where you can come and be treated to a relaxing facial and hand massage, a makeover to accentuate your natural beauty, a model photo session wearing some of your favorite outfits and then make a powerful positive affirmation video to yourself followed by craft/coffee (or wine) and wind down talk time one on one with me.






I am not a counselor or a therapist, I am just an average imperfect, raw, real and honest woman who wants to pour love and affirmations into your heart. I come from a place of being recently in one of my darkest periods of my life, struggling with severe depression and anxiety and I have found my passion and purpose that gets me up and excited every morning, building up other women around me!! So join me for one of these sessions and take time to learn to love yourself again!! 

Sometimes you don't know why you are going through things in your life, somethings just don't make sense...until they suddenly do. I am in the middle of my Breast Cancer Battle, I was diagnosed on Oct. 25, 2023 and had a full mastectomy surgery on my right breast/lymph nodes on Nov. 16, 2023. Since then I have had lots of complications and have been hospitalized with a severe allergic reaction and had a second surgery on Dec. 14 to clean out the infection that had set in at my original wound site. It's been a whirlwind of less than 2 months to say the least. Having so much time on my hands has left me wondering why I'm going through all of this. Why me? Well, things have become extremely clear to me during this time that I was created for such a time as this in order to offer something to women that I never could have in this way before. I don't have all the details worked out yet, as this is progressing during my recovery but I am willing to start offering these sessions to women as soon as I am a little more healed from my most current surgery! Please share this with ANY women facing breast cancer, any form of cancer, terminal diagnosis or life changing surgeries! I will have more information and more videos as they come! Thank you for watching and you are not alone!!

Often at times in our lives something happens and we just don't feel like ourselves, I want to help you to learn to keep feeling like yourself even if you are battling cancer or some other health issue. I share what I've done to find myself and try to feel as much like myself as possible during my Breast Cancer battle. I hope it helps somone! Please like, comment and SHARE SHARE SHARE!! Someone out there needs to hear this message!!

My google calendar was enough to make anyone cry, for months I had been working 7 days a week doing three different jobs, all of that changed and my life went from 60 to Zero in one moment. Suddenly my life is now filled with doctors appointments, surgery schedules, tests and treatments and a whole lot of blank spaces where I am doing nothing. It has been quite an adjustment in the one short month since I found out my Breast Cancer diagnosis.

March 26, 2024 Update:

I am so thrilled to announce I am CANCER FREE! I had my third surgery in 5 months to complete my Left Mastectomy on March 14 and when the pathology came back, there were no obvious signs of cancer found in the left side! I had chosen to do the left mastectomy as a precaution due to the markings on the scans that indicated cancer could form there in the future. I wanted it all out of me because I didn't want to have to go through this again! 

So now I am a 45 year old woman with no boobs. You would think I would be embarrassed, ashamed or feel disfigured, but I don't. I see myself in the mirror as JUST AS BEAUTIFUL and complete as I was prior to all of this happening to me. 

I have reached a point of total self acceptance, no matter what happens to my body, I am still ME!! 

In May I will start the journey of my reconstruction for both sides. I will undergo another surgery where they place the skin expanders that will then be filled slowly over a course of 4-6 weeks and then have my 5th and final surgery in June to complete the permanent implants. After that, I can start to reclaim my life and work at being as healthy as possible to prevent any future forms of cancer. I am very open about my journey and would love to discuss any questions any one has or walk by your side if you are diagnosed with this awful disease that affects far too many women! 

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